How We Do It
bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Development of a personalized marketing plan / marketing audit
We work with you to project long & short term business goals and then create unique marketing strategies and tactics to support the achievement of these business goals.

Example of work done in this area: For one client, an exercise equipment manufacturer, the goal was to increase equipment referrals from medical sources. Amongst the strategies used, we partnered with their advertising agency to develop an informative exercise brochure to be placed in physician’s reception rooms for their patients. The goal was to motivate the patient to discuss exercise regimes with their physician, who would then refer the patient to the equipment supplier, thereby increasing sales through cross-marketing efforts.
bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Determination of competitive advantage
We will perform an analysis of your competitors positioning in the market relative your own, including detailing their services, products, price strategies, affiliations, and promotional efforts and a comparison of their marketing efforts with your own.
bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Innovative market research
We identify market segments and select target markets that will help you determine the direction you want your business to take.

Example of work done in this area: A recent market research project for an institution that was considering establishing satellite offices. We performed a feasibility analysis of this proposal, including a demographic analysis of the geographic site, through which we were able to develop a demand and service needs analysis, establishing the needs for additional services in that locale and the most appropriate means of providing the services for that community, such as mobile units or small store front offices.

bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Imaginative managed care strategies
You can become a more profitable provider by using your marketing plan to navigate the managed care highway with the use of feasibility studies, consumer attitude and satisfaction surveys which we will use with you to develop a strategy for dealing with the maze of managed care.
bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Guidance in implementing the marketing plan
You are given a calendar for beginning the various programs and we assist you throughout the process.
bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Creation of unique marketing projects
All projects and programs are created for the individual client within their goals and budget. We partner with advertising agencies, health care product manufacturers and other agencies to shape singular programs using cross-marketing and current technology.
bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Personal conferences
You get the information and facts that are needed to make crucial healthcare strategy decisions. Working with PMC empowers you to make planning decisions with confidence.
bluedott.gif (37 bytes) Access to a Speakers bureau offering contemporary topics for Seminars, Conventions and regional meetings
Speakers who are knowledgeable in areas of managed care, marketing techniques and technology.

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