Range of Services
We show you how to practice what we preach.
• Development of a personalized marketing plan / market audit
• Determination of competitive advantage
• Innovative market research
• Imaginative managed care strategies
• Guidance in implementing the marketing plan
• Creation of unique marketing projects
• Personal conferences
• Access to a Speakers bureau offering contemporary topics for Seminars, Conventions and regional meetings
The marketing and business plans we prepare are the backbone of the professional practice. They shape and support the business entity; they lay out the strategies and actions which allow the program to capitalize on competitive opportunities and can anticipate and guide the way through competitive crises and over financial hurdles. Our clients include large metropolitan hospitals, health care product manufacturers, physicians, dentists and allied health care professionals.
Some examples of past projects are the market research of a specific region to determine the viability of a Medical Practice in this locale. This was for the planning department of a large metropolitan hospital and included the identification of market segments and select target markets; analysis of competitors in terms of their services, products, price strategies, affiliations, and promotional efforts; assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in establishing this new Program. Other business management projects included the preparation of strategic plans to target physician referrals. This involved planning a brochure and test marketing techniques to reach the target market.
We have also performed market research for publicly held companies to substantiate advertising claims regarding FTC and FDA violations; prepared strategies for healthcare industry associations regarding consumer products and services; and worked with agencies to introduce new health care products.
This brief description gives you a thumbnail account of the type of services we provide to the health care community. We can also arrange for financial and operational management and advertising programs.

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