Who We Are
Nobody's Perfect.
You have the best and most qualified programs in your health care organization. But as an expert in your field your training probably never included health care marketing, research and management. That's why Practice Management Consultant Co. LLC, provides the perfect solution to your marketing needs. Highly skilled marketing consultants who have extensive knowledge are ready to offer creative, custom designed marketing plans and strategies that are productive and economical.
Why we make perfect sense.
Practice Management Consultant Co. LLC is a consulting firm that offers customized, in depth research and marketing analysis to Health Care programs. Projects are specifically and individually designed to meet your needs. Our Executive Director is Dr. Alice O. Berkowitz, whose uniquely diversified background combines a doctorate in the health care field with an MBA in marketing and management. Dr. Alice O. Berkowitz
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Our practice.
• Hospitals
• Managed care groups and HMO's
• Health Care Manufacturers
• Physicians
• Dentists
• Allied health care practitioners
• Agencies and providers

Practice Management Consultant Co. LLC will guide you through the perfect game plan to develop referral sources, determine patient satisfaction and provide total quality management to improve your profits.

You will make perfect dollars and sense by using cost effective and creative marketing plans and strategies tailored to your Health Care program.

Use the MBA, PhD personnel who understand your needs.

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